This can be done either orally or in written. A notice must contain the time, place and date of hearing, jurisdiction under with the case is filed, the charges, and proposed action against the person. Rebuttal can be done either orally or in written, provided that the statute does not provide otherwise. It should be clear enough to give the party enough information of the case he has to meet. This ensures a fair hearing and fair justice to both the parties. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Privy Council held that the decision to take over the school was quashed as the managers were not given notice of one ground. But the right to be heard would be of little avail if the counsel were not allowed to appear, as everyone is not articulate enough to present his case. The adjudicatory authority must provide the party a reasonable opportunity to present his case. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. There should be adequate time for the party, so that he can prepare for his defence. Even if cross-examination of witnesses is not an obligatory part of natural justice, it is still necessary for the decision-making authority to give the party concerned a fair opportunity of commenting on the evidence produced against him and of contradicting the same.

Rebuttal can be done either orally or in written, provided that the statute does not provide otherwise. The principle of natural justice has evolved through civilization. In India, the principles of natural justice are the grounds of Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution.

Notice thus regarded as the sine qua non of the right of hearing. The requirement of natural justice is not met if the party is not given the opportunity to represent in view of esaay proposed action. The grounds communicated to the detenue must not be vague or insufficient or irrelevant, vague or in adequate, the detenue is entitled to be released.


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Before taking any action the adjudicatory authority has to keep in mind alteam several considerations. The notice means an adequate notice as regards the details of the case against the party. Whether an opportunity for cross-examination is to be given or not depend upon the circumstances of each case.

The Lord Chancellor who was a shareholder in the company heard the case and gave the desired relief to the company. The SC held that the suspension being interim-disciplinary action, essy is no requirement to afford hearing.

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The second element is hearing. It can be ordered without affording an opportunity of hearing. Remember me on this computer. Natural Justice implies pzrtem, reasonableness, equity and equality.

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This doctrine states the no one shall be condemned unheard. The notice must be adequate also.

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alteramm Ownership and Assignment of Rights Copyright, a unique intellectual property meant for The adjudicator must not only be free from bias but there must not even be appearance of bias. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.

audi alteram partem essay

Where nature of authority is purely administrative no right of hearing can be claimed. Therefore, if the right to be heard will paralyze the process, law will exclude it.

There are many cases where this principle of natural justice is excluded, and no option is given to the party to speak. The court in case of Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills Ltd.


It has not evolved from the constitution but from mankind aufi. Audi alteram partem’s entry in the duhaime. All about Corporate Law. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Where a notice contains only one charge, the person cannot be punished for the charges which were not mentioned in the notice. The second element is the authority should receive the evidence and all relevant material which the party concerned may wish to produce before it in its defence. There are three types or elements of bias; Pecuniary bias, Personal bias and Policy bias. We will write a custom sample essay on Natural Justice specifically for you. In this blog post, Sakshi Jain, student, Amity Law School, Lucknow Campus writes about the emerging need of audi alteram partem in the court of law.

Therefore held, the appointment of Commissioner to inquire the merit of the scheme could result in suspicion that justice might not be done. It is against natural justice to call upon the concerned person to show cause immediately and to permit him no time to consider the charges against him. State of Tamilnaduthe apex court held that a properly expressed and authenticated order 10 can be challenged on the ground that condition precedent to the making of order has not been fulfilled or the principles of natural parttem have not been observed.