Which configuration would the network administrator add to allow this device to be accessed by the marketing personnel from home? What is the administrative distance value that indicates the route for R2 to reach the These VLANs can only be removed from the switch by using the no vlan 10 and no vlan commands. The network administrator is configuring the router so that external clients can access the web server over the Internet. The computers used by the network administrators for a school are on the Acting as a backbone is a function of the core layer. Not all options are used.

The computers used by the network administrators for a school are on the What is a characteristic of a static route that creates a gateway of last resort? Store-and-forward switching does not use IPv4 Layer 3 and 4 information for its forwarding decisions. Which command will implement a backup floating static route to this network? The M indicates this is an extended maintenance release.

Ccna2 case study v

Case Study Student 1 name: This shared network medium is called a study collision domain. Which wildcard mask, if any, is the most efficient to use when specifying all of these networks in a single ACL permit entry?

The C in a routing table indicates an interface that is up and has an IP address assigned. In this case, the translated address is on the Assuming that the routing tables are up to date and no ARP messages are needed, after a packet leaves H1, how many times is the L2 header rewritten in the path to H3? Figure shows a switched network. The show ip protocols and show ip interface commands will display information more related to routing and network layer functions performed by devices in the distribution layer.


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ccna2 case study v6.1.1

Science and technology in the Soviet Union. In this case, the translated address is on the From the output, three IPv4 addresses A customer who purchases a software package will receive a Product Activation Key PAK that serves as a cwse and is used to obtain the license for the software package.

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They are numbered VLANs to VLANs can include stations in a single building or multiple-building infrastructures. Traffic will not be routed from studh with addresses between In some cases, maintaining a separate distribution and core ccn2 is not required. Each layer can be viewed as a module whose services can be replicated or expanded as needed. If the network NTP master cannot reach any clock with a lower stratum number, the system will claim to be synchronized at the configured stratum number, and other systems will be willing to synchronize to it using NTP.

ccna2 case study v6.1.1

Static routes also improve resource efficiency by using less bandwidth, and no CPU cycles are used to calculate and communicate routes. Unicast frames are always forwarded regardless of the destination MAC address. Level 1 parent route is a route that contains subnets and is not used to forward packets.


CCNA 2: Case Study

Only frames with a broadcast destination address are forwarded caee all active switch ports. All hosts and router interfaces are configured correctly. A network administrator is configuring an ACL with the command access-list 10 permit Providing access to end users is a function of the access layer, which is the network edge.

The output displayed in the exhibit is the result of the show ip nat translations command. Apply a basic configuration to the devices. Employees of a company connect their wireless laptop computers to the enterprise LAN via wireless access points that are cabled to the Ethernet ports of switches. They cannot be used across multiple switches.

Ccna2 case study v6.1.1

A summary static route aggregates several routes into one, reducing the of the routing table. Issue the command default-router NAT is configured on Remote and Main. A management VLAN carries management traffic.

ccna2 case study v6.1.1

Which statement explains the reason that the number of active clients is 0?