Prior to their session with the forensic artist, each of the women were unexpectedly asked to spend a short period of time with a stranger without being told why. About Unilever United States, Inc. Writers for major publications- songs of praise, research and critiques were written in major publications across the country and globe. Dove did a great job with the public relations activities of their campaign. The whole image, the whole advertisement represents a particular life-style.

Documented in the short film, Real Beauty Sketches, Dove explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see. Skip to main content. A Case Studies Summary. A discourse is the “positions to which we are summoned’ Foucault, Click here to sign up. It includes pamphlets specialized for mothers, daughters, teachers and other personalized audiences.

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doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

Their goal is to reach 15 million girls with self-esteem building programs and workshops by ajalysis This is a two percent increase since the initial study conducted in The team knew how to gain massive attention for its efforts and they did so bravely. Some women struggle more with these issues than most, and a different mindset can help.

But by using a product such as Dove the consumer is far from individual, in fact, the usage of the product makes the consumer dependent and the same as all dovs other women that consume the brand’s products.

doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

These women got a preview of fpr campaign 3. Consumerism offers the audience the pleasure of having small goals such as looking forward to owning a product. Some of the other success factors were the ability to frame the campaign as a dialogue, and to use real people as brand. It inspires the women, and viewers alike, to see the beauty within themselves.


However, the harshness of confronting the media needed to be done to doges convey the messages. More interviews were conducted in the Beatuy. Consumers pursue happiness by buying products that would make them happy therefore being “constantly moving happiness machines” Hocher, BBC, From mentoring the next generation to celebrating real beauty in ourselves and others, Dove can open a world of possibilities for women and girls everywhere. Dove also chose to specifically reach out to girls at a young and impressionable age, specifically ages 8 to But for someone who cannot afford the luxury of buying a product after product, the pleasure of campaihn it doesn’t last long at all.

Their commercials aired daily on numerous popular TV networks.

Case Study: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

A partnership where Dove featured advertisements and information on their campaign could have been utilized. Advertisements that ran on television ii. With their advert, Dove are trying to imply that the problem with the orange peel skin is a studg common occurrence and almost every woman suffers from it. The whole image, the whole advertisement represents a particular life-style.

Videos, advertisements, pamphlets, etc. Research shows that more than 1 million visitors have logged onto campaignforrealbeauty. We had advertising, public relations, customer marketing abalysis consumer promotions sit down at the table at a very early stage and all think about the entire marketing communication architecture, not just our channels.

Dove funded research to gain understanding of how girls view themselves.

Through using women diverse in age, shape and size, the campaign. We analyzed the coves relations methods that Dove took to implement this plan.


Case Study: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

Established the Dove Self-Esteem Fund v. A male audience may not be able to decode the messages that the brand, in analysks case Dove, has encoded simply because the male audience does not share the same linguistics as the brand.

Either unconsciously or rsal Dove’s ads refer to other cosmetic ads “connecting the text to other texts” Kristeva by parodying them.

The connotations of the lotion container being: After extensive research, Dove partnered with Ogilvy fod Mather, an advertising firm, to develop a plan of action for their campaign.

All of the preceding brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Unilever Group of Companies. If a consumer buys a product she also buys the meaning behind it and thus buying the product the meaning then transfers onto her. The consumers buy the product to beaury it believable in their minds that they are supporting some kind of a cause. As Leech believed, commercial consumer advertising seems to be the most frequently used way of advertising.

When a woman goes to buy the product she is inspired by all these things.