Find out more about the services, and how to request an interpreter. Teachers may schedule additional trips in accordance with Regulation FCPS has designated the following information as directory information:. Reasonable accommodations may be available for students who wish to participate in traditional and customary observances of their religion on days when schools are open. Major Warner, associate superintendent for instruction, presented a regulation to the Fauquier County School Board at its June 13 meeting that will lay a firm foundation for what homework should look like for FCPS students in the coming school year and beyond. One of the goals for changing the regulation is to convey to teachers and administrators that homework should be a means to an end that is valuable. Visits by students to prospective colleges are excused up to four days per year.

FCPS encourages public use of school facilities when they are not in use for the primary purpose of educating students. Individuals can obtain a notification form at each middle or high school office. The Section coordinator for issues involving students is the Special Education Compliance and Student Support director. Visits by students to prospective colleges are excused up to four days per year. School system responsibility for students begins when they enter the school bus and ends when they step off the bus at the end of the school day. Surveys and Collection of Information. Find out more about the services, and how to request an interpreter.

fcps homework policy

Visitors to Schools All visitors are required to use the main entry buzzer system, register at the main office and wear an identification badge while on school property. The regulation, which did not require school board approval, fcpe be attached to the existing FCPS Homework Policy School-sponsored field trips to enhance the curriculum are permitted at each grade level. Child Abuse and Neglect Maryland law requires that every homewor, and volunteer of the local school system who has reason to believe that a child has been subjected to physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental injury or neglect shall immediately report it to the local department of social services or appropriate law enforcement agency.


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FCPS encourages opportunities for students to observe living organisms in their natural settings, and for teachers to emphasize respect for living things. Browse the Special Education Parent Resources. Parents or eligible students may inspect, upon request and before the administration or use of, instruments used to collect personal information from students for marketing, sales or other distribution purposes, and instructional materials used as part of the educational curriculum.

In middle and high hoomework, a student shall fail or lose credit if unlawful absences exceed 5 days in homewprk term, 10 days in a semester or 20 days in a school year.

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Military Recruiter Access to Student Information. Cheating is disseminating or receiving answers, data or other information by any means other than those permitted by the teacher as part of any academic exercise. Fcsp note from a doctor, dentist, court official or counselor may be required for all absences beyond 10 days.

Reasonable accommodations may be available for students who wish homewrok participate in traditional and customary observances of their religion on days when schools are open. The primary purpose of directory information is to homrwork FCPS to include this type of information from student records in certain school publications. The Section coordinator for issues involving employees, community members or organizations is the FCPS legal counsel. The form must be updated each school year.

FCPS students have a day school year in keeping with Maryland law.

New Homework Regulation Now in Effect for FCPS Students

Students exercising alternative assignments will not be penalized in any way. Persons who enter school buildings or grounds without reporting hojework the office or who disturb or interfere with school activities will be considered unauthorized and will be dealt with as trespassers under the law. To receive such information, please write the school principal, who will provide it within 30 business days.


Forms Find athletics, transportation, medication, bullying, and other commonly used forms here. Schools must be safe, provide an optimal environment for achievement and be free from violence.

fcps homework policy

Look-alike weapons are fcls prohibited. Additionally, the school system will forward educational records on request to a school system in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. Deny permission on the Student Information Card and Return the completed and signed card to the school by September 30 or within 30 days of enrollment at that high school.

FCPS has collected a wealth of resources for parents of children with special needs. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original, unopened container.

fcps homework policy

How much does an assessment cost? Absences other than those cited as lawful are presumed to be unlawful and may constitute truancy.

While FCPS ploicy not conduct such surveys or require invasive physical examinations, this federal PPRA legislation requires all districts to provide parents and students with annual notice of their rights. Holidays Maryland law requires that public schools be closed: Disciplinary measures shall, at a minimum, be designed to end the fcsp harassment. However, in some instances dissection may be objectionable to a student.

Discipline The Polify discipline philosophy is based on the goals of fostering, teaching and acknowledging positive behavior. Regular daily attendance is expected and critical to a child’s academic success. Information about grades, report cards and student promotion is located here.

The local Board of Education may also designate other days as holidays for valid educational-related reasons such as anticipated high levels of student absenteeism.