The military needs doctors, but there are a number of undeniable reasons doctors would rather work in a civilian capacity, including pay, risks associated with warfare, and lack of freedom associated with assignments to bases, etc. Navy may have been heavily involved in order to create a strong connection within yourself and your personal motivation for wishing to attend Navy officer school. It is offered through the Air Force, Army, and Navy. An upper tier—which qualifies for an athletics award—included 88 pushups, 88 sit-ups, and a 1. The deadline for me was April 15 because the Air Force had to start preparing their finances for the next year and include your tuition as part of the plan. Not fluff classes,” said Phillips, sharing the example that if a person is applying for the Navy Nurse Corps, the board also is looking for acceptance letters from both the college and the Department of Nursing of that same college. The “Integrated Forecast Board” releases the latter list every June after they have determined how many of each doctor they will need over the next few years.

Others are miserable and resentful that they were stuck in a military hospital for residency. The true odds of getting a top choice is impossible to know, but the assignments are definitely based on AF need. As it turns out, I did not match with Wilford Hall, but got my second choice of civilian deferment so it was a good thing I had been interviewing while I waited for the AF match results. This COPY of the contract is just to show you what the language is like and to provide a broad overview of the program. All HPSP residents are either reserve or active duty status, and this technically satisfies the contractual obligation.

Military Match Personal Statement

To overcome these drawbacks the government is willing to pay for the professional education of qualified individuals in return for their professional services. Hpsp personal statementreview Rating: That early letter took persohal lot of pressure off of the situation. Ah yes, then comes the issue of reserve duty.

navy hpsp personal statement

In this case, the entire application package including the physical exam results must be submitted weeks early for final approval by the Surgeon General. Medical School Admission Requirements: If hpsp person overloads with number of classes at personal and then doesn’t get good grades, that’s just not statement planning,” Thomas said.


They try to match HPSP students to different specialties based on the needs of the AF, which means that HPSP students are in competition with one another for a limited number of positions. I say this because of the evolving nature of COT–past sessions are not necessarily a reflection of the current conditions at COT. If you don’t know how to find a local recruiter, try making a contact through the Air Force Recruiting Website.

The following two ADTs are completed during the third and fourth years and are nothing more than clinical rotations performed at an AF base hospital.

navy hpsp personal statement

Cloudflare For example, there are 30 credit hours needed to apply for Navy Nurse Corps. I decided to go into radiology and applied for residency per usual through the AF and civilian matches.

These nzvy Leadership Studies how to be an effective leader, manager, problem solver, etc. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: In the simplest terms, Air Force medicine appeals to me. Aside from this, I love the idea of providing care to military members and their dependents. For example, future COT sessions may have a difficult over-night field-training component or other additions that I did not experience.

navy hpsp personal statement

Now is the time to get those required classes out of the atatement. Everyone needs to be aware of the risk and weigh this against all the positive aspects of the scholarship and being affiliated with the US military. As far as the choice of station location is concerned, each person can rank his or her preferences for base assignments, but ultimately the decision is up to the AF.

How do the AF residencies compare to the civilian ones? However, many like myself still apply to the civilian match and begin interviewing in November and December before getting these results. The emphasis on academic performance, leadership statement, and involvement hpsp personal duties for every commissioning path chosen was also stressed by Cmdr.


Like it says at the persinal, this is all unofficial. When you look at the average starting salaries for most doctors you should be nwvy of this.

Hpsp personal statement – Army Motivation Statement Essay – Words

She stressed to all those interested that if they’re going to apply, then they simply need to put the hpsp and effort into it and make sure they comply with all requirements, from college level classes to Navy fitness evaluations.

More likely than not, you will be bitter and disappointed with the hppsp. This is the step to get the ball rolling. It’s also a good idea to have someone else proofread the essay to ensure there are no errors at all. Do not accept or even apply for this scholarship if you have zero interest in being a part of the military. I haven’t had to pinch every penny over the past few years. I also had the chance to meet other HPSP students on the rotation and had a great time getting to know each of them a little better.

You may also want to read about the application process and get additional information on individual medical schools. Monthly stipends are split and paid twice hpsp usually on the 15th and 30th of each month.

My patients will not have to worry about how they will pay for their medical expenses, and I eprsonal not have to worry about collecting my bills or paying for malpractice insurance which seems to be statemnt bigger issue every day.

A “civilian deferment” means the AF has given permission for a student to apply to a civilian program in a given specialty and go through the normal match process via the National Residency Match Program NRMP.