We lost 70 systems, spoilers, brakes, flight controls. He answered every possible question in multiple passenger lounges for over two hours. On this particular flight, Captain de Crespigny was being checked by another senior pilot who was himself being trained as a checking captain. The photos were added by me:. Notify me of new comments via email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. Join 5, other followers Subscribe. They had lost all ability to transfer fuel between the eleven different tanks creating dangerous imbalances that became worse with time. The job is to provide a great experience for customers [passengers], not fulfill the role technically [fly the plane safely]. Nancy-Bird has been stress tested and case hardened more than any other aircraft in the sky — and it proved itself indestructible that day. The lift and aerodynamic moments are significantly affected. Richard shies away from individual praise and continually states that it was a team effort — he is right.

The fragment initiated a short duration low-intensity flash fire inside the wing fuel tank. This meant that there were five on the flight deck instead of the csae three — the Second Officer Mark JohnsonFirst Officer Co-Pilot Matt Hicks and three captains — but all had no doubt that there was only one person in command.

There is one question I would like to ask: Another wonderful painting by Jaak De Koninck www.

Simulation of upper surface exposed to battle damage T. Loss of electrical power would likely cause the backup electrohydrostatic actuators EHAs to loose functionality as well. We proved the aircraft safe for landing in a landing configuration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On the ground in Indonesia, the engine cowling with the Qantas logo, along with other debris, had rained down over the populated town of Batam, including onto school grounds.


An additional physical device that is attached as a node in a CAN network can participate in all network communications. With all things considered, it would not surprise me if, over time, aircraft manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers OEMs move their secure and mission critical systems over to resilient AFDX architectures. We must remain vigilant because success today is no vaccine for tomorrow.

qf32 case study

You are commenting using your WordPress. In late I was fortunate enough to interview Captain Richard de Crespigny in his home. This was my sixth op-ed to run in the Times, but easily my favorite, given my long-simmering frustration over the topic in question.

EXCLUSIVE – Qantas QF32 flight from the cockpit

Qantas, to their credit, never reprimanded him for overstepping the boundaries of his responsibilities on the ground in the terminal with passengers — they were grateful to have a leader step-up when needed, technically and commercially. Airbus Wing Factory, Broughton Photo: The Qantas A, Nancy-Bird Walton, which was operating as QF32 on November 4th, is now back in the air after what was reportedly the longest stuyd most expensive aircraft repair in aviation history.

Click on this image to visit the online store. At 7, feet during climb-out there was a catastrophic failure of an inboard Rolls-Royce engine resulting in a very rare uncontained explosion.

Case Study: Exceptional Customer Culture in the Face of a Qantas Disaster

Hi Richard, I think you did an exellent good on QF32 and everyone else on board that flight that day. During the incident everyone knew their roles, and every issue and task was dealt with calmly and professionally.

qf32 case study

QF32 is the perfect gift for my fiance Rob and his mate Jon as congratulations for gaining their commercial pilots licenses. The uncontained engine failure caae a Qantas A on Nov.


He communicated clearly and dealt with the realities but focused on the positives. Fly with Airbus, Qantas and Rolls-Royce with confidence — companies that have great cultures. Be an unrivalled expert and passionate about what you do.

Richard explained to me that this is his audit process, proving that the studdy Qantas organisation performed brilliantly during this extended crisis. Back in the passenger cabin, Michael von Reth and his team were calmly assuring passengers while watching for any signs of panic in individuals and then quietly addressing problems with empathy and reassurance.

Multiple failures had severely degraded the already leaking fuel system. He prepared everyone for the media circus that would ensue and stayed in the lounge with stuy until there were no sf32 questions — eventually he was standing on his own. Jet aviation fuel is kerosene, not petrol, and it burns with low thermal properties.

Technical Lessons from QF32 | QF32

Richard De Crespigny Credited with saving the lives of more than passengers on an extensively-damaged aircraft earned the Qantas A captain qr32 commendation and an avenue to the global corporate speaking circuit. He answered every possible question in multiple passenger lounges for over two hours.

All pilots are hired to become captains and this means that they only hire the best.

qf32 case study

The job is to provide a great experience for customers [passengers], not fulfill the role technically [fly the plane safely].