This frequently led to less than satisfactory coursework, since they lost track of what they were supposed to be doing. University Study Tips – Think St. Or can I say that it is Can anyone tell me why it isn’t Centres may provide students with a list of at least ten equations from which they can, if they wish, select those they are going to use, but any list must be forwarded to the moderator with the sample and changed for each examination session. There is a sensible comparison of the relative merits of the three methods in terms of ease of use with available hardware and software. The option you want is XY scatter, and then choose the sub-type with the curve drawn without showing individual points.

Consequently, they do decimal search as their change of sign method, using the graph and table facilities from their calculator. This site uses cookies. Do I say that the solution is In addition, you must not choose a cubic that crosses the x-axis at an integer value, since using the factor theorem you could then find a linear factor, reducing the cubic to linear times quadratic and therefore solvable. Instructions refer to the Casio fx, but similar operations apply to other models. A different equation must be used for each method. Your name or email address:

They do need to make clear to the assessor what hardware and software they have used.

C3 COURSEWORK – comparing methods of solving functions

Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. What you need to find now are equations that do not factorise.


c3 coursework error bounds

An example is given of an equation where this method fails to find a particular root, despite a starting value close to it. Any list provided should be sent with the scripts to the external moderator.

Changing the scale the spanner button Pressing this button lets you adjust the minimum and maximum x and y values. Autograph is an advanced graph drawing package that will make the graphical side of the C3 coursework much simpler than drawing by hand or using Excel. Repeated failure in this respect should incur some overall penalty, probably 1 2 a mark.

Domain Change of sign method 3 Mark Description 1 The method is applied successfully to find one root of an equation. If there is only one equation you could type over it. It is probably best to leave this until the last 30 days before your coursework deadline.

Press EXE at the end to return to the equation. Some of these will lead to the equations you will use for your coursework.

c3 coursework error bounds

It is currently on the school network, but if working from home you can download a day free trial. By continuing to use this site, you are bpunds to our use of cookies. However, good answers will refer, at least briefly, to general considerations such as potential difficulties in finding a rearrangement that works. It therefore emphasises just how quickly this method converges Appendix 3 for starting instructions. For complaints, use another form.

c3 coursework error bounds

For the root in Press EXE to store it. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. An example is given of an equation where one of the roots cannot be found by the chosen method.


In each case, decide if those values of x and y give appropriate detail to the part of the curve where it crosses the x axis. Alternatively you can select the area you want by just editing the axes. There is a sensible comparison of the relative merits of the three methods in coureswork of speed of convergence. The method is illustrated graphically for one root.

C3 COURSEWORK – comparing methods of solving functions – A-Level Maths – Marked by

Topics for discussion may include strategies used to find suitable equations and explanations, with reference to graphical illustrations, of how the numerical methods work. Thanks for that Calum. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you.

Coursewrok can I say that it is Error bounds are stated and the method is illustrated graphically. Upload document Create flashcards. Similarly, foursework crossing the x-axis at two integer values are excluded. A different equation must be used for each method.


The coursework assessment sheet is both detailed and prescriptive and should be issued to students as they start their coursework. Slow motion drawing Press the button that looks like a tortoise. Using only polynomials, with which they are very familiar, allows them to concentrate on the numerical methods.