I will be really greatful to you if you help me regarding that. Error Beta t Sig Constant 1 There is a negative relationship between debt equity ratio and earning per share which support the fact that as debt increases, the interest payment will also raise, so EPS will decrease. By Farlex Financial Dictionary. This scandal can be devastating to the on-going development in the Telecommunication sector. This could be the reason of contradiction in results of both studies. The sample comprised 91 companies out of which 80 companies are private and 11 are government owned companies from period to

Total debt to equities ratio 10 1. The cost efficiency increases from Revenues jumped by an impressive Growth of Telecom Sector in Pakistan after Deregulation Although tremendous growth has taken place in the Pakistan telecom sector but most of it can be attributed to the cellular growth. Companies Published on September 4th, by Atif Tahir It is the sole integrated telecom service provider offering Bundled Voice Data, Internet and TV services at compelling and competitive rates to a wide audience.

The study will use privatizaation ratio as independent and leverage as dependent variable with the help of regression analysis the conclusion will be drawn. Research Methodology 34 2.

case study on ptcl privatization

These hypotheses may be substantiated or not, depending upon the results derived from statistical analysis. In year the value of equity was the lowest The money which firms ln businesses invest in purchasing land, machinery or other fixed assets is called capital investment.

PTCL’s Privatization: The Biggest Financial Scam in Pakistan’s History? – TelecomPK

Can This Merger Be Saved? In year there is highest leverage ratio and that leads to high change in return volatility 0. Determinants of capital structure in India: The operating performance has significantly declined along with the shareholder wealth privatizxtion the transaction of merger has performed.


But this cannot lead to decide that debt is always bad. The relationship between debt equity ratio and ROE is negative as shown in table 3. Graphical Presentation of PTCL 19 1. Hamada and Rubinstein demonstrate that a firm’s beta should increase if the firm finances more heavily with debt.

Privatization of PTCL. An Unforgotten Failure of Governance

Leverage metrics compare a company’s creditor-supplied funds to owner-supplied funds. With several players entering the market, margins are declining, which will be offset by tremendous volume growth.

In year the value of equity was the lowest P a g e 10 This article illustrates four of the most commonly used financial privatizaion metrics, including the total debt to asset ratio or debt ratiototal debt to equities ratio, long term debt to equities ratio, and times interest earned.

Etisalat UAE consortium improved the organizational structure of PTCL and implemented a more horizontal administrative structure with its new management to privatizayion over decision making by depoliticizing its work culture.

In the share of each company in mobile market exhibited a change, except for Ufone whose subscriber share remained more or less the same.

The size of the firm has in-significant impact on the financial leverage which means that no change or approximately zero change take place during change in size of the firm on financial leverage. Net profit margin tells that how much additional dollar earned by the company has effect on profits. The foreign operators cost and satellite charges increased to a level of Rs 6, million in FY09 from Rs 3, million in FY However, its management has been weakening and finally become Ineffective over the time due to its traditional model of administration, old-fashioned vertical hierarchy for such a large set up 64, work forcenepotism and unecessary political interference.


The long term, financial sudy of the firm remains unaffected. Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, we are present in every corner of Pakistan to serve our customers.

The return on equity is very high maximum value of return on equity is Informationswissenschaften, Informationsmanagement Use of Licensed and Unlicensed 2.

They have their head quarters in Karachi but the mission continues to fulfill the energy demand globally as well. Companies in Pakistan 13 1. Denationalisation of public institutions has become a worldwide movement in developed as well as developing nations by selling all kinds of public enterprises including key utilities providers such as electricity, water, gas, telephone services etc.

As a result, risk to stockholder return is increased. This study is conduct on the secondary data and information through the different sites of Ptcl and other companies Pakistan.

case study on ptcl privatization

Variables 35 2. Times interest earned 11 1. Risk management effectiveness combines both the ability to exploit opportunities and avoid adverse economic impacts, and has a significant positive relationship to performance.