Finding and fixing phantom spacing on your web page Make Lemonade from the Lemons. The of home business Evolution. Web Hosting by mt Media Temple. First, what do you want to say? Place these styles in your custom. Thanks very much for this.

Now all should be back to normal and you can breath again. Get in touch and we can talk about your needs and start the process. Below is a handy procedure to safely edit custom functions file:. By default, WordPress displays the author of the post and when it was posted. The trouble is the [expected-value].

Thesis Theme: Using WordPress Custom Post Types

You can simply edit custom function file using the Thesis Custom File Editor. If I remove the if statement so, including all metaboxesthe hhesis data saves fine:. I think that will work.

Your email address will not be published. You will want to consider the look of your message so there is contrast between your message and the content of your posts. This is Important how very true…after you add a custom post type you must do one of two things for the rewrite rules to start taking affect so you can begin testing your custom post types and not get headers.


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custom_functions.php thesis theme

If this is not what you want e. Install it, activate it, and go to the plugin settings page. Is It Right For You? In my opinion, YES! Rich October 13, at It seems that you have already attempted a request.

custom_functions.php thesis theme

I have been checking out your tool, but I wonder do I need to separately create custom post type thdsis is there a better way to do it within your tools? I had first bought the single user license.

theeme Notify me of new posts by email. Dimas November 21, at 2: Where have I been? It means that your customers are going to find you a lot easier.

custom_functions.php thesis theme

What does that all mean? Tom Is an enthusiastic WordPress Thesis designer and web developer.

Fix custom_functions.php file Thesis

This worked for me: With that said, the interface for Thesis 2. Rich, glade you got it all working, there typically is always a way to solve a problem, just have to look at it from different angles … in terms of your hard coded issue you may try the following an see if that creates an accurate nonce:. Going back to his free WordPress Theme days. Instead, call this function only custom_functlons.php the rewrite rules change. The menu showed up fine.


Now you should see your image inserted once before the content begins but alongside the sidebars on every page. How to link Godaddy to Hostgator. Eric Irwin August 19, at The first is fine and works perfectly using the code above.

I do a lot with thesis and so these kinda things come in handy. Edit Custom Functions Thesis. David Alexander July 24, at 5: