Maintaining good oral hygiene is actually a way of taking care of your health, body, and looks. It was an eye-opener and turned out to be very enlightening. However, danger also lurks. A balanced diet keeps us healthy and strong. He apologized to them especially his parents for being so stubborn.

Unknown Mon May 13, Luckily, the firefighters arrived along with the ambulance. You can take pictures for your memory of being there. As I was getting my change, the sound of a loud brake screeching and a bang were vibrating through the air. This is very useful. You ought to clean up mould with soap and water. Analysis in essay example kahirapan essay on nature in english library.

Socializing on the Net. It will not cost us anything to pledge our organs as they will only be used after we die. You can begin your letter with; 1 How are you?

Write your composition like a speech. Englisn in outdoor hobbies is a great stress reliever. Include other used paper, glass bottles and jar and metal cans. Good morning, Mr Kamal, teachers and fellow students.

This way of washing cars uses a lot of water. Research done by Water Works Department has shown that less water is used when we use a scoop.


It affects our thinking. MrPalanivellu, who had been jogging down edamples road at that time, immediately took down the plate number and then ran to help Mrs Wong. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for their hard work and sincere effort. Many of the children could work well with their hands. Nevertheless, there esxay also dangers to online social networking. Good morning Madam Tania, our society advisor, and fellow members.

Getting involved in a hobby keeps the mind active and alert.

Firstly, you should not walk alone. Begin your speech by greeting all the people present. Another benefit of smartphones is that online shoppers can shop online via their smartphones.

english essay examples pt3

According to a survey, every household creates tons of garbage every year. I am here to talk to you about the importance of organ donation. Let us from today focus on conservation and not destruction.

Explain why recycling is important. PT3 – Informal Letter.

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A responsible person takes charge of his or her own life and decides what he or she wants to excel in. The level of discipline in schools today is getting worse. No matter how successful we are, we should never forget what they have done for us. Using the pictures and notes below, write an article for your school magazine about your experience at a centre for children with special needs.


english essay examples pt3

Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Our rivers, seas and beaches are polluted with rubbish.

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When writing your speech: Many of us are already doing something to conserve the environment. Use a separate paragraph for each new point. This is not all.

They come here to enjoy the beautiful sites that are historical, modern or natural.