Navruz marks the New Year and the beginning of spring across a vast geographical area covering, inter alia, Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. This holiday includes religious practice as Ruza which lasts 30 days and it is considered a ceremony of spiritual and moral purification. In southern Russia, the Bashkirs probably adopted the celebration of Navruz from Persian tribes that once lived in the Ural Valley. From ancient times, the holiday was celebrated in agricultural oases with festivals, bazaars, horse racing, and dog and cock fights. In Iran and the small communities of Kurdistan , Iran and Northern India, where Zoroastrism has retained a strong influence amongst the populace, traditions require that the Navruz celebratory table contain specific elements.

To make cooking interesting and pleasant work, people dance, sing songs and listen to music. In a Tajik household, the owner of a house or his elder sons must prepare fried shish kebab and a sweet pilaf made of rice and other cereals. As with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, there are traditions associated with the first visitor to the house during Navruz. Navruz is celebrated on the spring equinox, which is usually March Kyrgyzstan 18A, Zaynabetdinova str.

Star rating 4 3 2. According to popular belief, the first guest of the New Year should have a soft and good character, a good sense of humor, a kind name and reputation, and most importantly – to have a hlliday foot”, that is, to bring stroke to the house.

There are other religious holidays with varying dates: In the northern uzbekistqn, this date frequently coincides with the spring equinox, the day on which the number of daylight hours equals the number of nighttime hours. During the holidays young fruit trees are traditionally planted in orchards and parks.


Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

Sumalyak is cooked slowly on a wood fire, sometimes with the addition of spices. In the beginning of this holiday many Uzbek family prepare for national dishes such as: Sprouted grains are considered a symbol of life, well-being and health.

As is known on Aboug, 21st is a day a spring equinox.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

After performance of this ceremony last day the holiday which lasts three days – Ramadan Hayit begins. Some mountain settlements have a special custom. Horse games and sporting competitions are also popular, as are fairs with traditional dishes and souvenirs.


Preparation for the holiday goes beforehand: And still, this day seasons on hemispheres vary, if in a southern hemisphere there comes autumn, northern – spring. Babur, a descendant of Genghis Khan and founder of a culturally rich and tolerant empire across South and Central Asia, will be commemorated in readings and poetic festivals.

Is the first day of New Year. Navruz originated in Khorasan, in northeastern Iran, about years ago. Gurbang, celebrated on March 22, is the Spring Festival of Uzbek and their most important festival. Before the holiday, young men will try to secretly clear out the cattle shed of a prosperous man with a marriageable daughter.

Representatives of the various nations living in Uzbekistan, despite of a nationality, religion, the social status all actively celebrate a holiday in each street, the area and the people living in mahallas and in regions. Virtual tours Tashkent Samarkand Bukhara Khiva. There are many traditions, precisely handed down from one generation to another, which are coupled with this holiday. This dish helped them to escape from hunger and add strength.


essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

Nowruz – Oriental New Year Holiday. Mostly they are the same as those observed in Uzbekistan but the names are different. Our partners Sitemap Contacts About Us.

Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

Visa support to Uzbekistan. Holliday is ritual dish based on sprouting wheat grains. This holiday is celebrated annually on the 1st September, is ceremonial and colorful.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

Please fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk. March 21 is the main celebration, but for the next 13 days it is common practice to visit friends and relatives, buy and plant seedlings of fruit trees and have cheerful gatherings in the fresh spring air.

A guest of “Shark Taronalari”, the famous French singer Charles Aznavour said that in his childhood he had learned about ‘the mysterious and unique gem of the East’ from the play Let’s Go to Samarkandbut it was only in that his dream to see the ancient monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara came true. As this day marks the vernal equinox — the day is usually symbolized by the sun. Oriental Express Central Asia orexca. The horns and necks of oxen that will be used for the first plowing of spring fields are sometimes rubbed with aromatic oil.

Navruz is celebrated on the spring equinox, which is usually March