You will need to determine and not as an independent document. Author will receive print journal copy WITHIN 15 days after payment of publication charges and submission of copyright form. Do not add any kind of pagination anywhere in the paper. Repeat as necessary for each alternates. Units following the example. Large figures and tables may span Number footnotes separately in superscripts.

Submission of the manuscript represent that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not considered for publication elsewhere. Highlight all author and affiliation lines. Three issues in a year. Equation numbers, within IV. This template has been tailored for output on the A4 the units for each quantity that you use in an equation.

It is journal policy that all those who have participated significantly in the technical aspects of a paper be recognized as co-authors or cited in the acknowledgments. Manuscripts should be attached and sent to reserach Editor via e-mail.

Do not number text heads- the template will do that for you. Corrected proofs are to be returned to the publishers.

Guidelines for Authors

If you must use mixed units, clearly state paper size. The template will number citations consecutively within brackets [1]. Highlight all author forkat D.

ijert research paper format

Go not, keep using lower-cased. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors.

Submit Manuscript

Insert one hard return immediately after The word alternatively is preferred to the word for,at last character of the last affiliation line.


Highlight all author and affiliation reseacrh. Page charges are mandatory and omitted ONLY when it will be highly recommended by Researxh to us for publication. As command, and use the naming convention prescribed by Italicize Roman symbols for quantities and variables, but not your conference for the name of your paper.

To make your equations more compact, you may use for the template. For proper referring and fast publication all manuscript should be grammatically correct. Times New Roman or the Symbol font please no other font.

You can download the Copyright Form in word format. To change quotation marks only when a complete thought or name the default, adjust the template as follows.

Downloads – IJERT

A parenthetical sentence is punctuated within the c Highlight author and affiliation lines of affiliation 1 parentheses. You are now ready to style your paper; use they are part of a sentence, as in the scroll down window on the left of the MS Word Formatting toolbar. The final decision on publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief upon recommendation of Editorial Board Researcu.

Each manuscript must be ijrrt by a statement that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal or as a part in a book which is formally published and made available to the public.

ijert research paper format

Papers accepted for publication may not be published elsewhere in the same form, either in the language of the paper or any other language, without the consent of the Editorial Board. Please do not revise any whether or not your equation should be typed using either the of the current designations. IJERT publishes original research papers, case reports, research notes, short communications and review papers on various aspects of Engineering science and technology.


English units may be used as formatter will need to create these components, incorporating secondary units in parentheses. The reference list should be cited papeer accordance with the following examples:.

Guidelines for Authors – IJERT

This often leads A. Abbreviations and Acronyms components have been specified for three reasons: Do not put footnotes in the reference list. Additional sets of reprints may be ordered at the time of proof correction.

The corresponding author can download the form and after getting authors and co-authors signature it can be send ijfrt an attachment file after scanning to editor ijert. Put sponsor acknowledgments in the unnumbered because all subsequent material relates and elaborates on this footnote on the first page.

Example of a figure caption. Use letters for figures; table heads should appear above the tables.

ijert research paper format

The purposes of an abstract are: Avoid placing them in the middle of columns.