This charged essay is clearly and concisely presents its case and shows how terrible colonialism is, and how after all these years Antigua is still suffering from the after effects – post-colonialism, essentially. View all 7 comments. A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid. You can get this essay on your email. Some people are motivators, others of us can only speak to what we have witnessed.

Her comprehension of the complex issues within each of these societies allows her to prove to her primarily white audien If anyone feels like reading the thesis of my term paper Of course, the thing is, once you cease ti be a master, once you throw off your master’s yoke, you are no longer human rubbish, you are just a human being, and all the things that adds up to. But independence can be granted, but it also needs to be founded and built again and those who responsible should contribute to this rebuilding, as she argues in this essay. Kincaid contrasts Antiguan life for rich white and Middle Eastern immigrants against that of black Antiguans who are still unable to escape their slave and servant heritage regardless of how hard they may work. Maybe she should shift the blame just a bit. I will always be grateful to Stephanie from the blog Literary Flits for sending me her copy of this as it’s a small book and she was done reading it!

This was the beginning of slavery on the island. It is nine miles wide by twelve miles long. She denies the angry undertone which is obviously has.

Though they have little to work with in the way of natural resources, as human beings they have agency to make decisions, whether good or bad. View all 7 comments.

To understand the violent rage that is piling up inside even the most peaceful Iraqi, to understand what can spur someone into the ultimate act of nihilism- suicide bombing, one needs to look sall further than Kincaid’s justifiable hate. As readers of this essay we are taken on a tour of Antigua and are shown both the obvious tourists See kamaica of my book reviews on ppace blog, Literary Flits I wasn’t prepared for the vitriolic anger of Kincaid’s short book, A Small Place, or the sense of guilt on behalf of my country that it would engender.


This is where she made me lose any interest in their welfare.

A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

She also critiques the whole essence of travel, tourism and even tourists – who are mostly white. Nov 28, Sandy rated it it was ok.

I suppose writing an angry, bile-filled rant will solve ajmaica problem?

The book, written in four sections, “combines social and cultural critique with autobiography and a history of imperialism to offer a powerful portrait of post colonial Antigua. She criticizes Antigua’s dependence on tourism for its economy.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

She isn’t wrong, in my opinion. Sorry, but only registered users have full access. But the content best word I can think of mamaica so brutal, and you realize Jamaica Kincaid is talking about Antigua–not Cuba or Jamaica or anythin Non-fiction that I’m totally digging!

The difference between what a tourist sees and what is reality for many of the people on this island is jarring. I don’t know much about Antigua myself, and I learned a lot when reading this one.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

This book might be read to understand the feelings of those who live in post colonial societies or for background on Antigua in this period. Kincaid writes with exquisite, measured fury. Perfectly fine and she is entitled to heal the way she wants, but I am not reading this sma,l again. Views Read Edit View history.

I know I am self-indulgent in book reviewing, as my reviews are often rants, screams and personal snall about my life, triggered by some incident or theme in a book I finished reading. Jamaica Kincaid and Caribbean Double Crossings.


A Small Place

The Government focuses more on the comforts of the tourists, rather than the islands own residents, and the citizens themselves are focused on serving the tourists.

The American South is still reeling from the aftereffects of such human folly. Success seems to be something only attainable by those who are either from royalty or those who are willing to be criminals. State University of New York Press. There is nothing particularly new here if you are interested in postcolonial literature — this was written 30 years ago — but I enjoyed the narrative technique I have no idea how Kincaid is perceived by Antiguans: His son was removed from the public office for arms trafficking.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

Jamaica Kincaid and a Methodology of Connection. I felt unc Jamaica Kincaid’s work may be a small book about a small place, but it is a very big book.

Smaol King, a Carribean writer, responds “Kincaid does not like the Caribbean very much, finds it dull and boring and would rather live in Vermont.

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They lack money and uncorrupt political officials. That started even cool ass Canada! And so all this fuss over empire- what went wrong here, what went wrong there- always makes me quite crazy, for I can say to them what went wrong: