Have you ever heard of Vietnam? Hardly Dude, I’d say he still has, to thousand dollars left, depending on the options. There Was This Fellah Scene 2: Walter Sobchak Dude, please! Click Here to grab your box for the upcoming game. You might want to watch out that front window Larry.

DForck42 23k 28 It’s just that I would have expected the film to show Larry stealing the car, or joyriding in it. Find all posts by FollowMeDown. Ok, time for Plan B. From Moses to Sandy Koufax Scene

Close up of her foot on the gas pedal, sans the littlest piggy Originally Posted by candide. Find all posts by Derleth.

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See Every single line from the transcript of movie The Big Lebowski. Nice Marmot Scene Find all posts by ftg. Forget About the Fucking Toe Scene Watched this with my wife last night. I’ll uh, just check with the boys down at the Crime Lab. Who planted the homework?


So this question occurred to us: A normal detective story has a complex clockwork plot with no extraneous movements or elements. The Other Jeffrey Lebowski.

larrys homework big lebowski

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What does the dude imply when he says “the toilet seat’s up man”? Jesus a known pedo was there the night the car was stolen. I guess I’m over thinking it then.

I don’t think we can clearly say when Larry was in the car.

Little Larry’s Homework – The Big Lebowski | The Dude Abides

In the usual detective story, the detective actually cares about the case. Asa and Amir are both right, but there’s yet another twist.

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larrys homework big lebowski

Also both Walter and the Dude are based on real people. Does he still write? Arthur Digby Sellers is not exactly a lightweight. Seems unlikely So I take it no one has seen a deleted scene depicting this?

They even tell you that it was set in a specific era for nothing more than a dumb throwaway joke. And Larry’s reaction is so neutral that you’re not sure if he really did it.

I don’t think we can clearly say when Larry was in the car.