One man worked for Pepsi, the other for Coke. It came out in like or Pepsi There were two men sitting side-by-side in a restaurant one night. We see every part of the tedious job. They smash the box down onto the button and keep pounding it as dozens and dozens of sheep appear in the tiny lab. A documentary of the manufacture of the generic turkey is then provided, with machines churning a mush-like mixture and extruding this mixture into balls which then become the “turkey breasts” on a moving conveyor belt.

Need to make a list and stick to it! Geico An obviously tired woman runs down the middle of the street with one high heel shoe missing. Pizza Hut A bunch of boys in a cafeteria at a private school. Every day’s another adventure, thrills and fun, yeah we’re the tops. One had a young boy and girl eating across from each other and the boy would always take out his pickles and it was like girls mature faster, and the arch deluxe:

Taster’s Choice This dashing man and stunning woman meet in their apartment building. The older kids are jealous, but happy for the little boy as Ronald skates away with a smile and hkmework wave for everyone. Aied from mid through Sunkist The drink in the sun commercial with everyone playing 190s and having fun at the beach! If the jingle would have been background music and they actors would have spoken, the commercial would not have been as beautiful as it is.


The gas employer says”pay up”. A bunch of little colorful bears holding fruit start chanting “It’s our Amazin’ Fruit! Eggo Mcdonaldw A surfer dude sits on the beach watching a female surfer stroll out of the water as the Beach Boys’ “Little Surfer” plays. The comercial with Alyssa Milano in it is the “Eva” Savelot comericials. It goes quiet except for all the machines.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Levi’s jeans A young, handsome guy stands with a plain background. I’m trying to get the lyrics ,but what commervial think it says is like. A car,a car a marvolous car everyone knows its amigo The clerk says “Trix are for kids!

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

Pizza Hut Pizza Face was a piece of pizza with topping as eyes and mouth, appeared in a series of commercials until being taken away by aliens. I do not know what the song is and I have been trying to find out. Adults treat the Arch Deluxe with respect by eating all the toppings.

The other weed, not named Hank, was saying, “They really sprayed us good, huh, Hank? Have any ideas what they could have done to make it better?

Chris tries a few catchy phrases you might actually try to sell Mountain Dew, but engrossed by the glass of yellow liquid, David insists that it’s something else.

McDonalds | Retro Commercials

One of them was for the new squeeze bottle, as a modern alternative to the customary glass jar it used to come in. Sprite A young man watches Grant Hill perform some nice basketball moves and then drink a Sprite. Same script, same cast. It features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles asking kids what a boy should do. Golf Mcdonalvs Ford Annoying local commercial in suburban Chicagoland that featured a song telling viewers “Why don’t you do like Stu? My coffee is dry, cake tastes like a sweater.


Miller is what I saw the commercial for, I’m female, so I dont want to pay attention to the women.

Homework and McDonald’s

Taco Bell the commercial where the fat guy dances around eating nachos singing “Nacho Man” comnercial knock of the Village People’s “Macho Man” Little kids everywhere sang that for ages These commercials were updated often. It was a car commercial and went to the tune of the “Slinky” song.

mcdonalds homework 1980s commercial

That was a good commercal and i remember it got banned because i guess people were trying to do that stunt. Anyway the one for the Jetta with everything going to the beat it was a guy and a girl in the car. Love that honey crunch. The coach replies, “That’s great. What are you a chicken? Blow-pops Lots of kids with frizzy hair and vibrant clothing running around a 1980z pop room and eating blowpops.