This may be particularly challenging where an organization has already invested substantial personnel and financial resources to integrate billings and other business and financial management tools, including custom-built solutions, into its business, as such an organization may be reluctant or unwilling to invest in new products and services. Moreover, larger organizations, which comprise a large and growing component of our direct sales efforts, may demand substantial price concessions. Table of Contents precautions to prevent our products from being provided in violation of such laws, we cannot assure you that inadvertent violations of such laws have not occurred or will not occur in connection with the distribution of our products despite the precautions we take. We also cannot be sure that our existing insurance coverage will continue to be available on acceptable terms or will be available in sufficient amounts to cover one or more large claims related to a security incident or breach, or that the insurer will not deny coverage as to any future claim. We may not be able to easily switch our AWS operations to another cloud provider if there are disruptions or interference with our use of AWS.

Name, address, including zip code, and telephone number, including area code, of agent for service. Table of Contents part on our ability to identify, establish, and retain successful strategic partner relationships in the United States and internationally, which will take significant time and resources and involve significant risk. There is no assurance that the particular forms of intellectual property protection that we seek, including business decisions about when to file patents and when to maintain trade secrets, will be adequate to protect our business. Larger enterprises typically have longer decision-making and deployment cycles, may have greater resources to develop and maintain customized tools and applications, demand more customization, require greater functionality and scalability, expect a broader range of services, demand that vendors take on a larger share of risks, demand higher levels of customer service and support, require acceptance provisions that can lead to a delay in revenue recognition, and expect greater payment flexibility from vendors. For one or more of those transactions, we may:.

If customers fail to pay us under the terms of our agreements, we may be adversely affected both from the inability to collect amounts due and the cost of enforcing the terms of our contracts, including litigation. If we are unable to attract new customers and expand sales to existing customers our revenue growth could be slower than we expect, and our business may be adversely affected.

We intend to use the net proceeds that we receive from this offering for working capital zuors other general corporate purposes. As we move into new geographies, we will need to attract and recruit skilled personnel sttudy those areas.

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Additionally, we expect that existing laws, regulations, standards, and other obligations may be interpreted in new and differing manners in the future, and may be inconsistent among jurisdictions.


If we are srudy to meet customer demands in creating a flexible solution designed to address all these needs or otherwise achieve more widespread market acceptance of our solution, our business, operating results, financial condition, and growth prospects would be adversely affected. Provisional accounting impacts may change in future reporting periods until the accounting analysis is finalized, which will occur no later than one year from the date the Tax Reform Act was enacted.

Our failure to secure, protect, and enforce our intellectual property rights could seriously adversely affect our brand and our vase. We have established processes to help alleviate these risks, including a review process for screening requests from our development organizations for the use of open source software, but we cannot be sure that all open source software is identified or submitted for approval prior to use in our solution.

Security zuorq experienced by us or our service providers may lead to public disclosures, which could zuoga our reputation, erode customer confidence in the effectiveness of our security measures, negatively impact our ability to attract new customers, or cause existing customers to elect not to renew their subscriptions with us.

We have experienced rapid growth in recent periods.

ncr case study zuora

We have generated limited revenue through these relationships to date, and we cannot assure you that these partners will be successful in marketing and selling our solution. As we expand into new verticals and regions, we will likely need to comply with these and other requirements to compete effectively.

The successful assertion of one or more large acse against us that exceed available insurance coverage, or the occurrence of changes in our insurance policies, including premium increases or the imposition of large deductible or co-insurance requirements, could have a material adverse effect on our business, including our financial condition, operating results, and reputation.

If this occurs, it could have a material adverse effect on our business operations and financial condition. If we fail to develop, maintain, and enhance our brand and reputation cost-effectively, our business and financial condition vase be adversely affected.

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Simply adding customizations to ERP systems does not adequately solve for the growing complexities of the Subscription Economy. To deliver on the promise of the Subscription Economy, businesses need freedom from old technologies and business models of the product-centric era. Additionally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and various foreign governmental patent agencies require compliance with a number of procedural, documentary, fee payment, and other similar provisions in order to complete the patent application process and to maintain issued patents.

We face significant risks if we fail to comply with the FCPA and other anti-corruption laws that prohibit companies and their employees and third-party intermediaries from promising, authorizing, offering, or providing, directly or indirectly, improper payments or benefits to foreign government officials, political parties, and private-sector recipients for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, directing business to any person, or securing any advantage.


Effective intellectual property protection may not be available to us in every country in which our solution is available. If these providers were to increase the cost of their services, we may have to increase the price of our solution, and our operating results may be adversely impacted.

Why buy a car when you can subscribe to ride-sharing services? Our results of operations and financial condition could be materially affected by the enactment of legislation implementing changes in the U.

In the event of further growth of our operations or in the number of our third-party relationships, our information technology systems and our internal controls and procedures may not be adequate to support our operations.

Moreover, we cannot assure you that our processes for controlling our use of open source software in our solution will be effective. Accordingly, our failure, or perceived inability, to comply with these laws. We may need to spend significant resources securing and monitoring our intellectual property rights, and we may or may not be able to detect infringement by third parties.

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In these countries, patents may provide limited or no benefit. Litigation may be necessary in the future to enforce our intellectual property rights and to protect our trade secrets. Zuora provides the only SaaS platform that automates all subscription order-to-cash operations in real-time for any business. If the shift by companies to subscription business models, including consumer adoption of products and services that are provided through such models, and, in particular, the market for subscription management software, develops slower than we expect, our growth may slow or stall, and our operating results could be adversely affected.

Any future sales organization changes may result in a temporary reduction of productivity, which could negatively affect our rate of growth.

ncr case study zuora

If our partners do not commit sufficient or qualified cwse to these activities, our customers will be less satisfied, be less supportive with references, or may stjdy the investment of our resources at discounted rates.

Index to Consolidated Financial Statements. Companies may choose to purchase our Zuora RevPro product to comply with ASC in the short-term but may develop proprietary solutions in-house or migrate toward other solutions developed by our competitors in the future.