Hi, Even i want to apply EAD, could you please list out what are documents is required to apply? I got username to my maild id after 3 days of my EAD submision. I am also sending the paper-based application but I was trying to fill it in adobe and then taking the print out. I am not sure if this is the one that you guys are talking about. Please call me Hi Sonya You submitted your form before feb 28th or after 28th? Thanks a lot in advance!!

We reviewed the paperwork submitted by the previous attorney and suggested that the client file a Motion to Reopen on the basis of certain defects. Requirements, Documents, and Employment Relationship. Both of them take same time. Are documents mentioned by Kavita enough or any other supporting document we need to send? Download it from link below: I have planing to visit him, so what should i do to get visa L2? We also filed a new L-1A extension petition.

We provided documentation to wample that the beneficiary had skills that could not be obtained in the open market. Thanks for the reply, what is the L1 approval notice. Requirements, Documents, and Employment Relationship.

But i read in the comments for someone the application was returned back saying the form is not up to date. I have planing to visit him, so what should i do to get visa L2?

Can we send Money Order instead of check as my husband does not have any bank account yet? I am also sending the paper-based application but I la trying to fill it in adobe and then taking the print out.


Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

The following is a list of the package contents. We obtained an L-1 transfer for the president of a sampple where the company, after one year of operation underwent a structural change impacting the relationship between the company abroad and the company in the U.

Venkat, The szmple answers are not for renewal. The earlier petition, processed in-house by the employer, was denied by USCIS on the grounds that the petitioner failed to satisfy eligibility criteria for L-1B classification.

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I followed the same document which was shared clver Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. The petitioner also failed to provide certain crucial supporting evidence. It is not explicit, so maybe confusing. Also, you may apply for her L2 extension and her EAD along with the extension.

We prepared a complete and detailed petition, addressing each requirement for L-1B classification.

sample l1a cover letter

Print and sign by black ink in hand. Historically, it has been difficult to obtain L-1A for functional managers. Will I be able to use it when i come back again?

Also in how many day in general we could anticipate the eample of application… I had sent the application along with fees last week, Regards Yougal Lakhani.

We cited business necessity and implications if Beneficiary is not allowed to reenter. The O1a petition was timely approved. What Can You Do Here? Is there any specific size?

Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

Hi Mamta, I am sorry ,could not answer your queries earlier. My husbang got L1 and now he already at Houston. Lettrr it be e-filed or sent through regular mail? Tagged japan visa requirements for canadian citizensjapan visa schedule of stayjapan visa formjapan visasjapan visa photojapan visa application in canadajapan visa application injapan visa office calgaryjapan visa pakistanjapan visa requirements Leave a comment.


But these were some cases that came to mind when we started writing this column years ago.

sample l1a cover letter

Awaiting your info as soon as possible. L-1A approved for functional manager. Please advise how should I fill my EAD application form in the name section Pls note that the name listed is a sample and not real name. We responded with detailed explanation and evidence of the importance of the position, and that USCIS had neglected to consider that the position clearly qualified as a functional manager.

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You should fill the way it looks in your visa. The employer did not provide appropriate evidence to prove the specialized knowledge of the beneficiary and the employer-employee relationship. The L1 holders documents are critical.