The forest is also suffering from increased salinity due to rising sea levels and reduced freshwater supply. The delta is densely covered by mangrove forests, and is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. The name Sundarban comes from mangrove names: The Sundarbans were intersected by river channels and creeks, some of which afforded water communication throughout the Bengal region both for steamboats and ships. South 24 Parganas , West Bengal , India. She is left with a big scar on her head and few scars on the right hand and back.

On an average 1, to 3, million seeds are collected per annum [ 32 ]. The morphology and evolution of the eolian dunes is controlled by an abundance of xerophytic and halophytic plants. Securing the future of the Sundarbans, its biodiversity and people requires a long term vision that can integrate climate adaptation and conservation strategies along with shorter term interventions such as ensuring sustainable livelihoods, access to clean and sustainable energy and effective human wildlife conflict management. Many news paper people, forest department people and once a doctor like you came to see me. Though physically she was recovering gradually, her fear about a kamote attack persisted over almost 4 years. It is often mixed with Sundri, which is able to displace in circumstances such as artificially opened canopies where Sundri does not regenerate as effectively. Fishing boat in Sundarbans.

We booked an Auto ad reached Godkhali. When people narrate any such attacks she becomes upset and avoids participation in such discussions.

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He was engaged in cutting a long tree when a tiger attacked him from behind. The Royal Bengal Tigers, at the apex of the food chain, delha ruling the Sundarbans National Park with their massive population that crosses counts. I will not offer any worship to her again.

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Time was passing fast like both sides view. Apart from these India’s wildlife has been the subject of many other tales like Jakarta and Panchtantra. The cultural interpretation of nightmares influence attitude and help seeking behavior.

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He took an iron rod and rehearsed and demonstrated as to how he would strike the tiger if it entered the room. On the same evening, the body was found floating in the river.

Yes this is a genuine fact. Tamal Bose on October 15, at The WWF is run at a local level by the following offices While the legal protection afforded the property prohibit a number of activities within the boundaries illegal hunting, timber extraction and agricultural encroachment pose potential threats to the values of the property.

sundarban delta essay

In the context of a rural mental health programme in the Sundarban Delta [ 17 ], a community study had previously identified deliberate self-harm by pesticide poisoning and human-animal conflicts as a sundarbxn recognized priority problem.

The first management plan was written for the period — Usually the crocodile attacks are severe and since the prey is pulled down under the water, the survival rate is very low, even if rescued immediately. The tour is specially designed to give a worm relax form the hustle and bustle of city life.

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The therapeutic planning thus goes beyond the usual treatment methods with medications and calls for a multi-level comprehensive psycho-social and eco-cultural approach.

Similarly, forest-based living is the only available option for the poor and marginal people in the fringe area and during their eco-resource exploration they fall prey to animal attacks.

She avoids going outside of her home after sundown and feels quite upset with any news of tiger attack in the jungle. The relatives left the body in the river only after they took away the gold ear rings as the mortuary ritual was already performed. It was a nice journey. Cite this chapter Copy to clipboard Arabinda N.


The first Forest Management Division to have jurisdiction over the Sundarbans was established in The Haliday Island is located on the bank of Sundarbzn river and home to spotted deer, barking deer and velta animals. The strong and popular cultural belief that a missed prey will be taken by the tiger again is reported xelta all the cases here and that this cultural belief triggered lot of anxiety and abnormal behavior to ward off this alleged risk of further attack by the same tiger.

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Here one can opt from the widest range to hotels and resorts which are wssay as according to the budget and the facilities they provide. The Ganges delta is divided into two parts that is eastern or the active region and the western or less active part. The forest in India is divided into the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and 24 Parganas South Forest Division, and together with the forest in Bangladesh is the only mangrove forest in the world where tigers are found. All three wildlife sanctuaries were established in under the Bangladesh Wildlife Preservation Amendment Act, sundaeban, having first been gazetted as forest reserves in This site uses cookies.

It has to be remembered that there were no therapeutic interventions for their symptoms except some traditional attempts. Bestowed with magnificent scenic beauty and natural dleta, it is internationally recognized for its high biodiversity of mangrove flora and fauna both on land and water. Basudeb Das on October 15, at She received no governmental financial help.