Earthworm casts as a source for bacteria degrading hemicellulose and cellulose of biomass using paddy straw as substrate. Detection of plasmid in ligninolytic Streptomyces sp. Scholars have to complete the first three trimesters with CGPA of 8. TNAU has its own system of Entrance examinations. Development of efficient rhizobial strain of Horse gram for northwestern zone of Tamil Nadu. Microbial Transformations in rice soil ecosystems Eds Sivakumar, U. Anaerobic phosphate solubilization under low land rice ecosystem.

Agricultural Grauduate Student Conference Influence of Azospirillum, Azotobacter on leaf yield and leaf chlorophyll content of mulberry Morus alba L. TNAU offers admission to B. Solar thermal management on polyhouse. Isolation of Beggiatoa spp. Study on anaerobic digestion of cassava wastes. Investigations on the Usefulness of Nitrogen fixers on Mango root stock.

For bioconversion of lignocellulosic wastes into value added products.

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Bioinformatics offered by SAUs. Design and development of bagasse based gasification system for thermal application.


tnau thesis list

Biogas production with feed stock substitutions and alternate construction material. Patents 01 US 02 India ii.

Thesis – School of Post Graduate Studies

ynau CAT – Food processing – novel in the filed and very unique. Indian Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology in press Agricultural Grauduate Student Conference Fermentation Technology- Practical Work Book. Geoinformatics Passed in B.

D thesis with one year of course work. Scholarship offered by Central Government Free education to those students who belongs to non-graduate family under State government scholarship. Modeling studies on fluidization and fluidized bed gasification of granular biomaterials.

Research Papers — Peer reviewed 4.

tnau thesis list

Help Center Find new research papers in: Confirmation of lignolytic activity. Production of laccase by Streptomyces sp. No Course Taught Credit hours. Agricultural College and Research Institute – [A.


National symposium on pulses and oil seeds Julypp Production of Astaxanthin by Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous. Sir, my agri cut-off is Sericulture Agrometeorology Passed in B.


Master of Engineering in Bioenergy. INR 12, M.

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Design and development of aero-generators for low wind speed areas. Santhanakrishnan and Xinmin Zhan. Bio-remediation of degraded DBT Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore pp Green, Sivakumar Uthandi and Jamie S.

Following is the procedure the candidate has to adopt for registration: Sir I am maths computer science student finishing 12th in marks our of D in Engineering M.

tnau thesis list

Design and development tnah incinerator for carcasses disposal. Design and Optimization of parameters for Rice Husk Gasification. Isolation of phosphobacteria from soil.

Ligninolytic actinomycetes; isolation, screening and laccase enzyme production.