Quotations and footnotes can be in single spacing in a font size of The grounds must be based on one or more particular circumstances which are clearly beyond your control and which do not constitute a contingency for which provision should have been made. It has to be planned well and written over a period of time. If you fail the project, for whatever reason, you will not get a degree. College level creative writing prompts. These must conform to the style described in these guidelines.

Thus there should be a discussion of the problems of existing methods and how the new ideas overcome any of these problems. You should discuss this with your supervisor early in the life of the project and it will probably help to look at some previous project reports. List of Tables This should list, with page numbers, all the tables in the report, in the order in which they appear in the text. Regulations The regulations of the University of Dar es Salaam and the College of Engineering and Technology apply to your project work and take precedence over these guidelines. You are advised to begin carrying out background work on your project immediately after you have agreed on it with your supervisor and over the vacation following completion of your third year, then work consistently on it once the fourth year begins. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Final year project instructions UDSM.

Keeping backup copies It goes without saying so here it is in ucsm that you must keep backup copies of your work you may even consider giving a disk containing a backup copy of all your work to your supervisor at meetings. Once you have started on a project it is expected that you will follow through the plan as laid out in your proposal. As the training workshops have to give priority to their major tasks, only specific periods can be allocated for project work.

Re-examination or resubmission of work for assessment will be at the discretion of the university. In this is an assumption about point size and line spacing of course!

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies – Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

The first live internet connection was available in Note that not all projects require a demonstration, and that demonstrations do no have to be slick. It is expected that a report given to the review committee a week before the submission deadline may be returned three days before the submission deadline. Once you have started on a project it is expected that you will follow through the plan as laid out in your proposal.


udsm research proposal format

In practice the biggest danger to your files is not hardware failure but clumsy editing or confusion about file-names; when reeearch it is painfully easy to delete an important file instead of the temporary one you intended to discard. The general aims of the project are to encourage and reward individual inventiveness and application of effort whilst you conduct an investigation of an issue relevant to the field of your degree under the supervision of a member of staff.

List of Figures This should list, ursm page numbers, all the schematics, photographs, photocopies, diagrams, and the like that are in the report, in the order in which they appear in the text.

udsm research proposal format

TE shall cover the experimental and conclusive stages of a project, from the data analysis, detailed design and implementation of the prototype, to the conclusions and recommendations of the project. The main body of the report jdsm be divided into chapters or sections containing a description of the work done, with special emphasis on the personal contribution, and including a detailed plan for the remaining work.

To request an extension, a recommendation supported by your supervisor must be made in writing before the original deadline, and must be for a specific length of extension.

Quotations and footnotes can be in single spacing in a font size of It is prudent to allow three or four weeks for the task in addition to continuously writing it throughout the project duration.

This approval will be shown by the signing of the certification page, which shows that the report has been given the go-ahead for assessment. First week of first semester during fourth year NOTE: You should describe your methodology used and why you have chosen that methodology.

You should describe your methodology used and why you have chosen that methodology.

It is important to acknowledge all assistance and contributions made by other people to your project. Plagiarism, syndication and fraud Project work is conducted in your own time and obviously not under rresearch control and supervision.


If you feel that you are unable to proceed with a project, you should discuss the situation with your supervisor.

College level creative writing prompts

If your supervisor is absent either through sickness or other commitments, another supervisor will be allocated to you during this period. To be on the safe side, keep your final TE report to between 20 and 40 pages, and your final TE report to between 25 and 60 pages.

The simple random sampling will reduce bias and will help to get different views from different respondents about the physical and other related external factors affecting the use of ICT in Morogoro municipality. By Salman Proosal Mahal. Wherever software is included, it will be subjected to assessment based on its clarity and on the following of standard reseqrch about software design, apart from any results obtained with its use.

In the implementation section, describe what was actually produced: You should not leave a project without good reason and you should inform both academic and industrial supervisors in writing that you intend to do so.

College level creative writing prompts

You should bear in mind that the examiners will require submission of your prototype, project report and code. Organisation Contents Project Goals and Project Delivery Use of Answering Accomplishment Plan Multimedia of Questions 5 marks 6 marks 5 marks 4 marks 4 marks 3 marks 3 marks Criteria based assessments are used to determine the project marks in each of these areas taking into account such factors as effort and dedication, quality of work, originality and independence, presentation and achievement.

Prospective employers pay particular attention to the project mark and the evaluation of the student’s performance in the project normally constitutes a major part in letters of recommendation written by members of staff on behalf of the students.

In both of these cases there are three steps involved in getting the project back under control: Schedule of Activities and Budget 4. Does the content show clear evidence of the theoretical issues?