Students planning to begin their master’s thesis writing must register to the seminar and attend it from the beginning. If you wish to have the English version or a version in another language distributed to specific media abroad, e. The faculty recommends that the opponent be a person holding a professorship. They suggested in my case defense on June 25 that it would be good to send the thesis before June 4, check on the first copy of printing before June 7 and make the book ready June New terms are emphasized by italics. P lease remember to register to the seminar in Weboodi if you wish to participate in the meetings.

You can learn to write acceptable scientific prose. Remember to consult an information specialist of the library on the classification and subject headings for the abstract page according to the publishing instructions of your faculty. Contact your coordinator to check your completed studies and register them as part of your degree. This step can be done beforehand. Examiners have four weeks to prepare their statement. The University of Eastern Finland publication series have sub-series for dissertations.

Factors influencing good governance in forest management and protection: The officer at the department or school enters the grade in the templatte of completed studies after the student’s maturity test has been accepted, too. Log in to the form by using your UEF username and password. A symbol shall not have multiple meanings, or one concept not denoted by different symbols in different context without a specific reason.

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The doctoral student also takes care of the layout in practice. Log In Sign Up. The thesis must be written in English.


The preliminary examiners must come from outside the University of Eastern Finland and hold a professorship, docentship, or a corresponding scientific qualification. From now on the abstract of the student’s thesis is considered as the maturity test. The form shall also be signed either by the head of the department or unit uuef by the person in charge of the academic subject.

Academic Press, New York, In both cases, we encourage to ask for both reprint and electronic re-use permissions.

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ISBN numbers identify books. Depending on your major, please follow the instructions given uf your home department. All students are also required to act as an opponent for someone elses thesis work. Students of Natural Resources Governance: Now the final text may in some cases be produced in a short period of time. This may happen by inspecting some special situations, logical consequences, or showing simple exaples.

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The appropriate length is approximately pages 40 credits. These two processes are to be done both at once. Head of Services Jukka Tejplate tel. After registering, and after the start of the seminar meetings, you will be instructed on how to get access to the moodle page of the seminar.

Master’s thesis and graduation | UEF

According to the Degree Regulations of the University of Eastern Finland, the opponent must come from outside the University of Eastern Finland and be at least a docent or hold a corresponding scientific qualification. For more information, see the faculty website. He will send back the keyword classification. The delivery time thfsis the certificate is three 3 weeks from the point thess the last study unit has been registered or from the date the application was returned.


The reason is to find a basis for communication with the superviser, and for the final agreement and definition of the goals. Environmental and climate change law: The abstract is written for scientific purposes, whereas the press release aims at popularizing science.

uef thesis template

The Dean of the Faculty makes a decision on the preliminary examiners. The doctoral student gives the dissertation subject headings that describe the content and, if necessary, classification with the assistance of the library either by email or by booking an appointment with the discipline-specific information specialist.

The following paragraphs list some observations on the usage of references, but by no means void the need of an inspection of litterature practices.

uef thesis template

Make notes of the article contents, and your own ideas while browsing the thessis. New terms are emphasized by italics. Copies exceeding this limit are to be paid for by the doctoral candidate, unless settled otherwise with the department or school. Always follow the instructions of your home department.

Computing as a Discipline.