The examination will be conducted by the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Dean’s designate chosen from among scholars of the University. The duration of time from initiation of the thesis or practicum proposal to the oral examination will vary. Full justification of the text is not required. Students should consult with their Advisor or Graduate Chair regarding time to completion. Submission of Final Copy of the Thesis and Practicum.

No matter which style manual you use, it is important to be consistent in the format selected. This list includes the number of each table, their title, and their page number. Immediate and full publication on the web. Questions submitted by the external examiner will not be forwarded to the advisor or to the candidate prior to the examination, unless this is explicitly requested by the external. The order of questioning from the examiners is:

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The Chair should note that all members of the examining committee have read the thesis and submitted guudelines reports. List of the candidate’s awards, publications, and joint publications 4.

umanitoba thesis guidelines

A description of the purpose or significance of the text or image should also be provided. The entire thesis or practicum must be in the same text font, style, and size. A requirement of the PhD program. Page numbers should be right justified. It usually involves the careful definition of a problem, the application of appropriate knowledge and skills to the problem, and a report of the results in a manner suitable for evaluation by an examining committee.

Full justification of the text is not required.

The title page should contain the following information: Doctoral students must umanitkba an oral examination of the subject of their thesis and matters relating thereto before they may obtain the Ph. Withholding Publication of a Thesis In the Board of Governors and Senate approved a policy on accepting research grants from outside agencies. Students are encouraged to review the e-thesis submission requirements prior to creating a digital version. Approximately one week prior to the oral examination, FGS will provide the Chair of the examination with a Chair package including the following:.


Some copyright holders prefer to use their own permission forms or licences. In general, the practicum takes the form of an exercise in the practical application of knowledge and skills.

Outline of procedures for the Oral Examination.

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List of degrees obtained–institution and date 3. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required. This work may include, but not be restricted to:. Distribution of Thesis and Practicum to the Libraries. A close personal relationship between an evaluator and a student or applicant or between evaluators, that gives rise to the perception of, or potential, for bias.

The thesis must constitute a distinct contribution guidelins knowledge in the major field of study and the material must be of sufficient merit to be, in the judgment of the examiners, acceptable for publication. The duration of time from initiation of the thesis or practicum proposal to the oral examination will vary.

Graduate students should especially be encouraged to attend. The Chair outlines the procedures for the conduct of the examination for the candidate, examining committee, and audience as follows:.

At the conclusion of the candidate’s presentation and before the questioning period, the Chair should allow sufficient time for those members of the audience who wish to leave the session to do so.


umanitoba thesis guidelines

The University of Manitoba U of M requires that guideljnes theses and practica reasonably conform to the specifications provided in this document. The Chair notes that ample time will be given to ensure that the examiners are able to complete their questions and that they may raise additional matters after hearing the initial round of questions. Biographical data if desired i.

umanitoba thesis guidelines

A thorough examination and defence of the thesis serves as the University’s guarantee that the standards of the Ph. If there is a conflict between the instructions in this booklet and the style manual chosen, the former should be followed.

Program information At least two weeks prior to the proposed date the following information must be received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies: The Chair welcomes all of those in attendance and impresses upon the candidate, the examiners, and the audience that this occasion is the senior academic event in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is a formal examination process prior to awarding the highest academic degree of umanigoba University of Manitoba. A guifelines attempt at the oral defence of the thesis may be scheduled in accordance with the regulations of FGS.

In the Board of Governors and Senate approved a policy on accepting research grants from outside agencies.

Font size should be no less than 12 pt Times Roman.