Everything is recycled from cosmetics and plastics to computer keyboards. As with many major global ports area around the port became industrialised — processing goods for export and handling imports. Pin It on Pinterest. Indeed, Dharavi is trying to do in 20 years what the west did in , develop. It is located in the southern zone of the city. Kerala flood case study. This site uses cookies.

Economic opportunities and challenges in Lagos. The has been caused by rural to urban migration. At the edge of Dharavi the newest arrivals come to make their homes on waste land next to water pipes in slum areas. Hurricane Katrina Case Study. It has to work from the bottom up – not top down.

Their loft spaces add extra room without seeming crowded, and include small spaces for bathing. An ancient fishing village is also threatened. It is the largest new town in the world.

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Many daily chores are done in social spheres because people live close to one another. Natural Increase is one reason for its growth this is when dtudy birth rate is higher than the death rate.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My vision would be that it would be transformed into one of the better suburbs of Mumbai.

Bollywood and other Media Industries also employ huge numbers of people. Compared to leec shanty towns or slums, Rocinha has a better developed infrastructure and hundreds of businesses such as banks, drug stores, bus lines, cable television, including locally based channel TV ROC, and, at one time, even a McDonalds franchise, though it has since closed.


The conditions associated with favelas are very poor. Inner suburbs in southern Salsette and Chembur-Trombay had emerged. Mumbai now has a long history of suburbanisation, and sfudy key events have occurred in the suburbanisation process, initially in a Northwards direction along major transport routes such as roads and rail links, and now in an Eastward direction. The further you walk stucy Dharavi from the edge the more permanent and solid the structures become.

They are not good for community cohesion.

urbanisation case study ledc

They are also called favelas Brazil or bustees India. Some of these settlements may be 40 or 50 km from the city centre on the edge of the cityalong main roads and up very steep hillsides. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Case study: Issues of rapid urbanisation in LEDCs by Lynn Patterson on Prezi

There is a pottery area of Dharavi slum which stuey a community centre. Main Menu Use the images below to explore the Lagos case study. These areas have strong safe neighbourhoods that have low crime and communal areas.

urbanisation case study ledc

LEDC case study — Mumbai. People lwdc in very small dwellings e. Dharavi is made up of 12 different neighbourhoods and there are no maps or road signs. People are economically stratified into those that can afford better housing and those that cannot, rather than historical caste, religious or linguistic stratifications.


The settlements are usually very overcrowded. Urbanisation and its impacts.

Pin It on Pinterest. This site uses cookies. People have to go to the toilet in the street and there are open sewers.

Case Study of Urbanization in an LEDC final

Third, these areas stuxy outwards and can involve reclaiming land next to creeks and mangrove, and slopes in the hills of Salsette can be colonised too. Many of the people work in very poor working conditions, and includes children. Also at risk are the local shops and markets and the community spirit which has taken sfudy to develop.

It is limited in where it can grow with creek systems to the North and East, the Arabian Sea to the West and its harbour to the south East.

This will separate communities and make people work away from where they live. If you’ve found the resources on this site useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site.

urbanisation case study ledc